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White County Mask Procedure

Face masks are required for student and employee protection as mandated by the White County School Board. All masks MUST follow dress code (i.e. no masks that mention drugs, vulgar/obscene/profane captions, tobacco, alcohol, etc., or related to a gang or gang colors.)

All staff must wear a cloth or disposable mask covering both the nose and mouth (but not impairing vision) when in close contact with students or other faculty members and when in common areas unless medically contraindicated. (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html). 

Unless a student is unable to remove a cloth or disposable mask without assistance or has a disability and/or a documented reason preventing them from wearing a mask, all students must wear a cloth or disposable face-covering/mask in hallways and common areas. When teachers are 6 feet from students at the front of the room, teachers may remove their masks. However, the teacher should keep the mask close so that he/she can move to student groups when needed.

Students will keep the mask on while whole group instruction is occurring unless they are all 6 feet apart.

Students may work in small groups during whole group instruction if masks are worn. Students may take short, designated breathing breaks where no students talk. Another option is to spread out across the room or outside so that students are 6 feet apart and take a “mask break”. Any staff or student that cannot wear a mask due to medical contraindications may wear a face shield with a letter of recommendation/accommodation from a healthcare provider. Face shields are not considered a safe replacement for a cloth mask.

Students and staff who do not follow mask guidelines will be subject to the school’s disciplinary procedures.